Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SVP 71st Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology is just one week away. Incorporated into the logo for this year's meeting is the Nevada state fossil, Shonisaurus popularis, a Late Triassic ichthyosaur, as well as the dinosaur track Eubrontes (the suit on the cards).

There will be no shortage of talks and posters on "forgotten archosaurs" at this years meeting. On Wednesday, there will be a handful of general archosaur talks in the morning and afternoon. Thursday talks will be sparse, but there will be dozens of good posters. All day Friday and Saturday morning are almost completely devoid of non-dinosaurian archosaur talks, but Saturday afternoon will bring us the croc talks. Not a bad way to end the meeting.

A message from the Student & Post-Doctoral Liaison Committee
As a member of the committee, I have a small request to ask of my lovely readers: PLEASE BRING LOTS OF REPRINTS! Each year, the S&PLC hosts the Student Roundtable Forum and Reprint Exchange. We rely entirely on generous donations from SVP members for reprints so, if you have a bunch of reprints sitting around your office and wouldn't mind contributing, please bring them to the meeting. You can bring them to the S&PLC table, where we will be selling raffle tickets and offering guidance to first time attendees. 
Each year, the student committee sells raffle tickets for a chance to win a free student membership or fabulous door prizes. Not a student? You can still buy a raffle ticket (or 20) and donate it to a student. Proceeds benefit the SVP Education and Research Fund. More info can be found at the annual meeting website.

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