Sunday, June 27, 2010


Sorry for the long hiatus, but you all know how busy life can get. I'm back though, with a post on Typothorax.

(from the cover of JVP, Volume 30, Number 3. By Matthew Celeskey)

Meaning: "mark made by a blow to the breastplate"
Species: T. coccinarium (Cope 1875), T. antiquum (Lucas et al 2002)
Nominal Author: Cope 1875
Age:  Late Triassic
Location: North America - Arizona (Chinle Formation), New Mexico and Texas (Bull Canyon Formation, Dockum Group)
Physical Characteristics: no more than 3 meters in length, with a tail equalling approximately half the body length and a mass of about 100 kg. Typothorax possessed the typical aetosaur armor with enlarged spike on its neck.