Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Pseudopalatus. Image modified from original by Jeff Martz.

Meaning: "false palate"
Species: P. pristinus Mehl, 1928; P. buceros Cope, 1881; P. mccauleyi Ballew, 1989; and P. jablonski Parker and Irmis, 2006
Nominal Author: Mehl, 1928
Age: Late Triassic
Location: Southwestern USA
Physical Characteristics: A large (3-4 meter) phytosaur with a robust rostrum and distinct dorsal crest.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011!!! (and reasons I love Safari Ltd)

I'm back after the hectic holidays. I hope you all survived and had a great new year. In the spirit of the holidays, I present Christmas Postosuchus:

I was in a toy store, shopping for my nephew when I cam across Safari Ltd.'s Postosuchus. In case you've never surfed Safari Ltd's website, I highly recommend that you do. They also have Deinosuchus, a crocodile (several actually, including a saltwater croc), an alligator (with babies),  as well as many other great prehistoric critters.

However, my nepher is only 19 months old, so I got him this cute little croc and kept Postosuchus for myself.