Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011!!! (and reasons I love Safari Ltd)

I'm back after the hectic holidays. I hope you all survived and had a great new year. In the spirit of the holidays, I present Christmas Postosuchus:

I was in a toy store, shopping for my nephew when I cam across Safari Ltd.'s Postosuchus. In case you've never surfed Safari Ltd's website, I highly recommend that you do. They also have Deinosuchus, a crocodile (several actually, including a saltwater croc), an alligator (with babies),  as well as many other great prehistoric critters.

However, my nepher is only 19 months old, so I got him this cute little croc and kept Postosuchus for myself.


  1. You'll be happy to hear that Safari Ltd. has another crurotarsan in the works for their 2011 "Dinos" line. They will also be getting their very own "Toob" featuring some fairly detailed miniatures.

  2. I was down in my native New Orleans yesterday when I saw a store with some of these Safari figurines. I went in with the intent of looking for Postosuchus after reading your post. They didn't have it, but they had an EXCELLENT Kaprosuchus figure, much to my surprise. Immediately bought it, of course