Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gotta Love Taxonomy

I came across this (The 10 Lamest Dinosaur Names) and just wanted to thank Crurotarsan paleontologists for not getting too carried away in the naming of their discoveries.

But there is one Rauisuchian that I have to make fun of a little:


"Oh hell no! Here come da poposaurus! Stash the dope, yo!"


  1. Welcome to the paleo-blogosphere. This should be interesting.

    BTW, I actually like some of these "lame" dinosaur names.

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah, I think most of the names on the list were a stretch to be considered "lame", but the pictures make for a good laugh.

  3. Yeah Poposaurus (for the Popo Agie Formation in Wyoming) is pretty bad, but I've also never been the biggest fan of Postosuchus either. It is named after the town of Post Texas, which was established for a cereal plant. So Postosuchus is named after breakfast cereal. Robert Long was going to name it Lythrodynates rapax, but never got the chance.

  4. Oops... Lythrodynastes.... in print this is called a lapsus calami ;)

  5. In German is the word "popo" a nickname for the back (ass; i dont know a proper and more polite name for this) of an baby or a little child. Has the english name a similar meaning?

    Can't wait to read articles about Crurotarsians. =)

  6. In english andin other cultures it has several different meanings. The most common one is "police" but it can also mean "ass", or sometimes a woman's private parts. I prefer to say popo to mean police tho.

  7. I think Police fits perfectly to an large predator. =)
    Thank you for the interesting answer.

  8. This is great Susan, can't wait to see more. Also, way to beat me to linking to a post. There are two more out there that hopefully I'll get a chance to write about before you do!