Sunday, July 18, 2010


Alright, breaking out of the Triassic, and clear into the Cenozoic, I'm back with Pristichampsus:

Pristichampsus illustrated by Robert Bakker

Meaning: "saw crocodile"
Species: P. hengdongensis and P. rollinati (after Rossmann 1998)
Nominal Author: Gervais 1853
Age: Paleocene and Eocene
Location: Asia, Europe, and North America
Physical Characteristics: approx. 3 meters long, carnivorous eusuchian with long limbs (cursorial, capable of galloping and facultative bipedalism) and a round tail


The genus Pristichampsus originated in Asia and later spread to the rest of the northern hemisphere. P. hengdongensis (Li, 1984) is known from the Paleocene through Middle Eocene of China and the Middle Eocene of India. P. rollinati (Gray 1831) is known from the Late Paleocene of China, the Early and Middle Eocene of North America, and the Middle and Late Eocene of Europe (Germany, Italy, and France). There are two possibilities in the dispersion of Pristichampsus: either the species spread directly to Europe from Asia, or to Europe through North America from Asia (Kotsakis et al 2004).