Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Little Recognition

My lovely blog has just been recognized by the University of Maryland's College Park Scholars Program (CPSP) in a short news blurb. I participated in the program in my first two years at the university but stayed involved for all four years of my undergraduate career.

I certainly do credit Drs. Holtz and Merck for my knowledge of Crurotarsans and website development (even though does most of the work as far as the website itself, I can do a lot more with my knowledge of html code). I am well known for my my praise of Dr. Merck, Dr. Holtz, and the Earth, Life, & Time program (example), so I wont start again here, but the College Park Scholars Program deserves a lot of credit too for the quality it adds to both life and education at the University of Maryland. So thanks CPSP!!! Keep up the good work and your students will follow.

Dr. Merck (left) and Dr. Holtz (right)


  1. Awesome blog! I just saw it today via Dr. Holtz's page. If its OK, I would like to link this blog on my website/blog. Hope all is well!

    Project Dryptosaurus