Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you all are enjoying February 14th with someone special. And to help celebrate, I have the results of our latest poll. So, which crurotarsan clades do my lovely readers love? Rauisuchians (43%), followed by crocodylomorphs (25%)! A readership after my own heart. I almost feel a little bad for phytosaurs (7%), but that's what they get for being so tricky.

What is your favorite crurotarsan clade?


  1. I'm not sure how I missed this. Put me down for aetosaurs a dozen times and that should do it.

  2. Gosh, if I'd been keeping up and known about this I might have had to vote Ornithosuchids (apparently almost as much an underdog as phytos). Anyway, off topic, but wow... a young woman as gorgeous as she is intelligent who loves archosaurian evolution as well as the Chili Peppers and Tenacious D? I think I'm totally in love with you! Seriously, great blog!

  3. I'm surprised that rauisuchia did so much better than crocodylomorpha. Maybe its because rauisuchians look more fierce and rapacious, like a Triassic Tyranosaurus. Must admit rauisuchians are my fave.

    What surprises me more is to find a blog like this. Nice work.

    Bill N